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Refugee Crisis in Virtual Reality

Is VR the appropriate way to engage sympathy for child refugees or are child refugees the appropriate content to expand the market for VR?

Empathy or Novelty?

Empathy or Novelty?

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Design Exercise: Visual Overviews

Using one of the sites below, or any site of your own choosing that offers visual access to  a complex information space, evaluate whether and how  it affords  Overview, Zoom, Filtering,  and Details on Demand (Ben Shneiderman’s design values).  Are  size, color, proximity, used semantically?  Does the user navigate up and down a hierarchy? across a network? Can the user rearrange the elements? Is there a choice of multiple granularities? What is an example of a specific task that the site supports particularly well or particularly badly?

Smartmoney Map of the Market

Gapminder World

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Amazon is now a … Library?

Amazon has just announced that it will lend electronic books to Kindle owners as well as sell them. This comes on the heels of their announcement of increased publishing deals with authors. So are they a bookstore, a publisher, or a library?  Continue reading