Hamlet on the Holodeck updated ebook

HoH ebook updated

New ebook-only edition revised for 2016 with over 10,000 words of new content in the form of chapter-by-chapter commentary, with new examples and useful web links illustrative of the enduring principles of design that have been validated by  multiple communities of practice — from game designers to digital journalists to VR developers —  since 1997 when it first appeared, and emphasizing productive design strategies for the next phase of creative innovation.

7 responses to “Hamlet on the Holodeck updated ebook

  1. Hello – do you know if this is going to be released in the UK? I’d very much like to read the new edition, and it’s not available on AmazonUK.

  2. Dear Ms. Murray: I have a Kindle, but in the Amazon USA page your book appears only in paperback or hardcover formats. Thanks.

  3. Hi Janet, Have you resolved the above query? I’m a Masters Student in South Africa and would very much like access to this book

    • MIT Press is bringing out a paper edition of the revised version in a month or so. I will announce it here and on Twitter when it is available. They intend to also provide an ebook but I’m not sure when.

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