Design Exercise: Companionship

Based on the discussion in Chapter 11, post a screenshot and short commentary that illustrates how a particular digital artifact creates EITHER

  • a welcome and/or reliable experience of companionship to a human interactor OR
  • an intrusive and/or disappointing experience of companionship to a human interactor

Possible examples include

  • an explicitly personified information agent like Siri
  • a helpful game character
  •  a recommendation system like the ones on  amazon or Netflix
  • a customized ad system  like the ones on  Google  or Facebook
  • a contextual help system in a familiar digital tool or game.

How visible is the surveillance the companion system is exercising? How voluntary is it?  How appropriate are the suggestions? What expectations do you bring to these environments? How does the experience of the system match your expectations? What would you like such systems to do better 5, 10, or 20 years from now?

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